Face Wash for Boys & Men


  1. Solves ALL your Skin Allergy Problems including spots, eczema, acne, allergies.

  2. Gives you soft and clear skin by recreating your skin’s natural ecosystem using cutting-edge Skin Bacteria (MIRR)™ Technology.

  3. Get your skin to heal itself by encouraging 'Good' skin bacteria!

  4. World’s FIRST EVER 100% Truly Natural Preservative Free.

  5. Hypoallergenic for Sensitive, Allergic or Spot-Prone Skin.

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Customer Testimonials

Suitable for Vegetarians

Ashlee Wilson, March 2016.

Anyone that knows me, knows that my skin has been a problem since having children. The other week I was called out on my bad skin, by the lady waxing my brows.”

“She then went on to recommend a face wash, which apparently worked miracles with her daughter. I was sceptical, but I bit the bullet and ordered it.”

“After 10 days of use, my skin has nearly cleared up entirely!! All thanks to this product – JooMo ❤ ”

“3 months in – still going strong 💙this has honestly changed my life! Dramatic I know, but it’s miserable waking up being disgusted and in pain because of spots on a daily basis!”

Tracey C. 2013.

“I bought this for my 13 year old daughter, Grace, and she is so so over the moon with her skin now. What a transformation for her. Not just with her skin but her confidence is much better now too as shes not so self conscious of her skin. So I just had to let you know!”

“Many many thanks for creating a truly wonderful product that actually works!

Liz, frequent repeat customer, July 2017

I started using your product after my face was disfigured by a very severe allergic reaction to medication and I was so happy that I found a product that contained 100% natural ingredients and that really helped my face. That’s why I love it.


“I bought the face wash for my son which is brilliant on his highly sensitive skin. Do you do, or will you do a body wash?”

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