Healthy and hydrated skin in

On the back of their groundbreaking discovery in the 2017 peer-reviewed and published research of the 'first mechanism ever to be able to measure for skin health', JooMo formed a partnership with Graz University. They tested everyday cosmetics, including JooMo for their effect on skin biodiversity, and consequently skin health.

The full results are currently being written up, and will be published in May 2018. A few exciting findings are revealed below:

1. JooMo significantly increases your skin's natural biodiversity, and as a result, skin health in two weeks. The graph displays this.

2. JooMo retains moisture on the skin. Synthetic ingredients can strip the skin of these natural oils it needs to remain healthy.


Unlocking the secret of the hidden, microbial world of the skin surface, Microbiota Immune Response Regulation (MIRR)™ technology is the game changing science behind the World’s First Ever 100% Truly Natural Face & Body Wash with its ability to empower, NOT change, the skin’s natural environment.

Based on State-of-the-art Microbiological & Immunological research, MIRR technology is the secret behind all JooMo® products their ability to protect against the destructive work of harmful synthetic chemicals and opportunistic pathogenic (‘harmful’) microbes.

A natural equilibrium within the skin cell environment, including skin microbiota, is vital in preserving the tissue homeostasis and local immunity. Skin is a dynamic organ and this vast and complex system of cells interacting in synergy with each other needs to be preserved, enhanced and protected.

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