Natural skin care industry Deceit
Read about the most commonly used industry terms to deceive the public…

The reality is that most of the big name skin care brands that claim to be natural are in fact far from it, and there is an multi-billion dollar industry cover-up going on.

The main European ‘Natural Standards Organisations’ are bodies created by the industry and re-inforce this deception.

Discover the disturbing truth about the huge industry in so-called ‘Natural’ cosmetics. Download our free PDF papers:

1) The facts about the two main industry ‘Standards’ organisations: Read Natural Standards Organisations (1.4MB PDF)

2) Industry research which shows most of the big name skin care brands that claim to be natural are in fact far from it: The JooMo Challenge (500KB PDF)

Also, find out how Linda Russell’s search for a skin cure led to the creation of JooMo.
Read Linda’s Story (950KB PDF)

As a result of this, JooMo® intend to re-define the cosmetics industry and bring in a set of new EU wide honest labelling standards.

Top 10 Myths … of the so-called ‘natural’ skin care industry.
Our 20 week video series busts the damaging myths of the so-called ‘Natural’ skin care industry… more »

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