JooMo is for

Developed for: Acne, Spots, Blackheads, Rashes, Soreness, Allergies, Cold Sores, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis.

Suitable for all Skin Types: Sensitive, Oily and Blemish-prone, Rough, Flaky-Dry, Combination, Normal, Sore, Shaving Rash & Cuts, and all Skin Colours.

Protects: Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Hypoallergenic (ie. non-allergy producing)

Restores and preserves the skin's natural biodiversity and repairs the damage caused by soap and other synthetic chemicals such as foamers, detergents, preservatives (inc. parabens), perfumes, solvents etc.

Makes the skin: Healthy, Hydrated, Smooth, Silky.

Our products have simple ingredients which are all guaranteed safe and natural. They are chosen for their gentle, synergistic and therapeutic effects on all skin including problem skin.

Our ingredients actively repair the damage and ill health caused by additives in normal skin care products by restoring the skin’s natural biodiversity, allowing our ‘good’ skin bacteria to fight off disease and prevent allergies. The key is our unique discovery of the correct balance of active ingredients in our proprietary skin repair formulation.

You never need to moisturise when using JooMo products. (In fact, using moisturisers on natural skin will actually have a detrimental effect).

Why? Because the soaps and foaming agents found in normal skin care products strip the skin of its natural oils and minerals and alter the skin pH – this is why moisturisers need to be applied after they are used.

By contrast, JooMo’s natural mild cleaners and cleansers retain the natural oils, essential minerals, and natural defences.

JooMo’s therapeutic effects on young problem skin includes:

» Anti-inflammatory

» Anti-Viral

» Anti-Fungal

» Skin cell regenerating

» Oil production balancing

» Anti-septic

» Calming

» Softening

» Moisturising

» Hypoallergenic (ie. non-allergy producing)