Top 10 ‘Natural’ Skin Care Myths #7 – L’Oréal Special!

#7: “A multi £M research budget is needed to create a truly Natural and preservative free face wash…?”

The Reality:
Despite being told it was impossible, JooMo developed a completely natural, safe preservative free formulation to solve the skin disease epidemic in the developed world: something the large multinationals with their huge R&D budgets had repeatedly failed to achieve.

In an astonishing admission of failure, unable to develop their own truly natural preservative free cosmetics, Body Shop owners L’Oréal have asked JooMo to send their ground-breaking products to their Garnier Skincare ‘International Marketing Development’ head office in Paris.

“It looks as if L’Oréal, Garnier and Body Shop have given up the battle to develop their own genuinely natural products.”

“It’s a shame that they can’t come up with their own ideas really…!” more information »

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