Twins Paradox Blog: US Election night – Brexit and the backlash against the elite

The US Presidential Election campaign has been made out to be a shock to many, an “out of nowhere” moment but it seems less of a shock when you look at the current feeling sweeping the west.

As seen in Brexit, again billed as a “shock”, people are increasingly tired of being spoken down to by an elite. The countless examples of the arrogant elites taking advantage of their positions and treating their position with a sense of entitlement has been adding into the growing tide of people who are fed up of the “expert”. I voted for Britain to leave the EU and was mainly due to this reason.

The more the EU commission (un-elected also…) and the members of elites in other countries talked down and tried to bully the people of Britain who wanted to leave the EU, the more I wanted to leave. The more I heard accusations of the majority of the British public being racist, the more I wanted to leave. How dare the elites treat us with so much contempt for our beliefs and our lives.

In the US, what I have come to realise is that Hillary is the perfect model of an elite, who in a lot of people’s eyes, feels she can do what she wants and will get away with it due to her position. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her good points – she is hugely qualified for the job and on paper should beat Trump without doing much. But what actually seems to be the case is Trump is the only person who she could beat, the only person that people would feel so strongly about that a lot may consider voting for their elite that they are so against.

Hillary has shown the same arrogance to the general public as was shown in Brexit – stating that 50% of Trump supporters were deplorables, writing off a huge chunk of Americans who have genuine worries and reasons for voting Trump, no matter how odd it seems. That would put my back up and I’m sure in this movement, this has put a huge amount of people’s backs up. But the answer would be to vote for Trump.

The hope would be that there would be a person who wasn’t of the elite to challenge and that is where this breaks down. Trump is not the answer to the backlash against the arrogance of the elite, as he himself is an elite. He is a billionaire who pays nothing towards America’s taxes and openly declares himself smart for doing so. He attacks people who don’t agree with him, he has worrying and dangerous view and his solutions, if he has any, have no substance.

So as the votes are being counted, the choice is between the, what a lot of people would see as, archetypal elitist symbol, who is over qualified for the job and under loved, and the arrogant, dangerous elite masquerading as the saviour of the people.

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