The end of the Cosmetics Industry as we know it?

Our new research proposes first ever method of confirming the link between everyday Cosmetics and the Skin Allergy epidemic.

Our new peer reviewed study, published in science journal ‘Cosmetics’, proposes a first ever mechanism for determining whether somebody’s skin is unhealthy and therefore prone to allergies or disease.

The significance of this research is that finally there is a tool available that can prove whether everyday cosmetics really are – as many have suspected – the main cause of the skin allergy epidemic in the western world.

“Healthy ecosystems, from Yellowstone Park down to bacteria in the human gut, appear to display higher diversity of species, when compared with unhealthy or damaged ones…”

Our own skin is no different from ecosystems everywhere else in nature, where biodiversity is the key indicator of good health, and states how our skin too must have a minimum level of bacterial biodiversity present at all times in order to thrive.

You can read our groundbreaking abstract and paper here!

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