FIRST EVER mechanism for testing skin health, published in Cosmetics

My brother and I have proposed the first ever method for testing how healthy your skin is in a groundbreaking new paper published in Cosmetics journal.

Commissioned by JooMo Ltd, we show that biodiversity of microbes on the skin is the key indicator of good health, just like in the gut.

“Healthy ecosystems, from Yellowstone Park down to bacteria in the human gut, appear to display higher diversity of species, when compared with unhealthy or damaged ones…”

Finally there is a tool available that can prove whether everyday cosmetics really are – as many have suspected – the main cause of the skin allergy epidemic in the western world.

Full press release here:
Full paper here:

P.S All of our 100% Natural products are designed to encourage your skin’s healthy ecosystem – watch out soon for another major announcement!



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