Customer Survey

The Results from our JooMo Consumer Panel


    • 94% of our Panel strongly stated that they would buy the JooMo Face Wash again
    • 84% of people said that in just 4 days the Face Wash made their skin feel better, and  nobody said that it made their skin feel worse
    • 74% said they liked the Aroma
    • 91% of people said they liked the texture
    • Only 26% of people said that they have normal skin, and 51% said that they are currently using a product for either sensitive or problem skin.


For 8 weeks (from the beginning of July 2012), JooMo have have been asking a carefully selected group of people between the ages of 16 – 24 to product test the first ever 100% Truly Natural Face Wash.

The group – equally split between male and female – were chosen as they represented the target group for the product.

For each user, the instructions were to use the Face Wash product at least twice a day (morning and evening) for just 4 days, and then complete the online questionnaire.

Average age of Respondents: 20 Years Old

The results – with a summary included – can be found on the following pages.

  1. What sort of skin do you think you have?
  2. What do you normally use to wash Your face?
  3. How did your skin feel after the JooMo Face Wash trial?
  4. Did you like the Aroma?
  5. Did you like the Texture?
  6. Would you use this Product again?


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