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Leading US swimming coach Megan Knobloch suffered from allergic skin problems all her life, and was appalled at the distortions and deceit of the skin health industry both in her home country and around the world. As the news about the truth behind the JooMo revolution spreads across the world, Megan has agreed to become the voice of JooMo by taking on the role of Communications Director. Megan Knobloch - JooMo Director of Communications.
“Ever since I started using JooMo my skin feels soft and rejuvenated.” “I love the fact I’m not putting preservatives and chemicals on my face and I can feel good about that (Not to mention it smells good and I know the ingredients are good for me).” “I’ve dealt with Keratosis pilaris for most of my teen years and I’ve noticed fewer bumps and redness. After washing, my skin doesn’t feel dry and tight like other washes do; my skin is left moisturized with an even complexion!”
A final year Psychology student at the prestigious St.Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, and Maynooth College in Ireland, Megan has a long history of academic and sporting success. Intrinsic confidence and free thinking are close to Megan’s heart. However, just as importantly for her, Megan has always prioritised community service before anything else, being very heavily involved in charitable projects in her native South Bend, Indiana and abroad in countries such as Mexico (where she volunteered at a home for children of convicts) and the Dominican Republic (where she worked in a local Veterinary centre).
Megan Knobloch - JooMo Director of Communications.
Megan Knobloch – JooMo Director of Communications.