What the Say..

Elsye Silver at Sweet Elsye

“I would recommend this product to those who wish they had perfect skin. It’s a dream to apply, smells gorgeous and will show results in a day or so…”

“JooMo the brand that achieved what no-one else could.

Sinead Hobden at The Breastfeeding Mum’s Guide to Family Life

Got Acne? Get JooMo

“I noticed my skin clearing up after a few days of using the face wash twice daily. Now, after a couple of weeks, friends from school ask me what I use on my skin!”

Lauren Razavi at Take on the Road

“This is easily the best smelling and generally loveliest face wash I’ve ever used

Gaby (15, Ireland) at Don’t Need Makeup to Cover Up

“I tried this out for a week and applied it morning and night… For that week I had no spots what so ever.”

“And after I applied it my skin was so soft like I had just applied moisture. But then recently I stopped using the face wash and my spots came back, this just shows that the face wash was really working and was really worth using. I absolutely love this face wash and it is so worth buying.”

Fen Frances at Foxtrot, Echo November

“…am just so ridiculously impressed and excited to tell you about it.  I urge you to give it a try. Especially if your skin is irritated by harsh, chemical-laden products like mine is…”

Emily Hirschmann at The Detour.co.uk

A perfectly natural product from a perfectly British company. Perfect.”

“…a product made from 100% natural ingredients and a product that actually works.”

“It’s not that often that you find an affordable face wash…that smells like it comes from a spa. But then, it’s not that often that you find a brand like JooMo.”

Charlie at Lady of the Lane.com

My skin LOVES it… my spots are calmer, the rest of my skin is soft and happy, dry patches are disappearing and all in all, things are on the up” 

Jemma Page at Bamboozle Beauty.co.uk

“It feels like you’re massaging silk into the skin

Wendy at Inside the Wendy House

The company’s mission and ethos is quite inspirational. The product is great. What more needs to be said??!!”

Jude at Love, Lust and Fairy Dust

“…if you have teenagers at home then I would thoroughly recommend that they give this a try.”


“Talking to one of my Auntie’s friends on a recent trip to London, I found out that she actually bought this for her young son to use and it’s helped his skin a lot too, so it’s definitely beneficial for young skins, as well as boys and girls.”

“… Now this is the cleanser I go to if I have a few spots and it helps them disappear so much quicker!”

D’atra Paris Belal at All Roses Lead To Rome

“The first thing about this face wash that I love is the smell, it smells so good

Del Brown Approved..!

” If only I had used this instead of that nasty bright blue bottle of anti-spot face wash I used continually for years as a teenager!”

Rachel Melton at Bright Shiny News.com

“…it is great for anyone with sensitive skin or those who are prone to acne and blackheads.”

“…its honey and orange formula makes it smell fantastic


It left my skin really feeling clean and fresh with that almost ‘squeaky clean‘ feeling”

“Here’s a product for younger skins that ticks all the eco and ethical boxes and works a treat

Health & Fitness Magazine (December)

“The youngsters among us will particularly love this…”

Moxie Reviews.com

“None of us have anything negative to write about the product! Very highly recommended

Claire Louise at Mummy of Many Talents

It smells truly wonderful with its natural fragrance of honey and oranges”

“I do love the way JooMo leaves my skin feeling refreshed and verily cleaned.”

James and Annabella at SkinScrubs.co.uk

…the most amazing thing about this brand is that it is Cooperative business owned and run by young people.”

“It also makes me want to support the brand even more as they help young people into jobs which are currently thin on the ground”.

Fiona at fifi friendly

“This 100% natural product is perfect for delicate skin………”

Great product that everyone with young sensitive skin needs to know!!! I only wish it had been about when I was a teenager”.

“It applies well, feels almost refreshing on the skin……..”

Liz at Smells like a green Spirit

“I won this …what a lovely suprise! I wish I had a facewash like this when I was a teenager. My face felt nicely cleansed, and smooth.”

Amber at Amber’s Beauty Talk

“The consistency is similar to honey and it smells divine.

“…..amazing warming scent … it does a great job of cleansing my skin.”

Carly Hobbs in The Sun

…the new cleansing boys on the block.

Alison Rowley at Wahanda.com

“For now brands like JooMo… are leading the way

Shout Magazine

“Look out for the hottest new face wash for sensitive skin…”

“…we’d like a crate of this please!”

Mizz Magazine

“Zap those Zits”

“…discovered the first-ever 100% natural face wash – wowzers!”

Wellbeing Magazine

…at only £4.75 we think it is an excellent value for money.”

I loved the smell and feel of the product”

Del brown at Del Brown Approved

(Enhanced JooMo Face Wash review)

“The slippery silky formulation allows you to glide the gel all over your face effortlessly.”

Sensitive skins in particular will benefit from this friction-free application, reducing redness.  Then rinse off to leave your skin thoroughly clean but without feeling tight or dry.”