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Skin Bacteria (MIRR)™ Technology made simple: How JooMo Works…

SaponinJ Natural Skin Care system

Good’ Skin Bacteria (MIRR)™ Technology is a key game changing science with its ability to empower, NOT change, the skin’s natural environment. This ‘natural’ skin environment keeps the resident bacterial flora (good bacteria) attached to the skin, whereas damaged skin promotes their dispersal from the skin and leads to pathogenic bacterial and fungal growth.

‘Good’ Skin Bacteria (MIRR)™ Technology (active in all JooMo® skin care products) creates a healthy skin environment to prevent ailments: ‘natural’ skin is a barrier to infection and allergic reactions. By inhibiting pathogenic microbes (ie. infection causing bacteria) while encouraging  the growth of desirable micro-organisms, ‘Good’ Skin Bacteria (MIRR)™ Technology creates the ideal environment for them to flourish: these good bacteria then look after and protect your skin.

Repairing the damage caused by a lifetime of using synthetic products, the specially balanced natural and preservative free ingredients enables the body/skin to revert to its natural state through pH balancing, oil & moisture regulation, electrolyte (salt) balancing, immune system regulation and skin cell regeneration.

Synergistically, our ingredients inhibit pathogenic (‘harmful‘) bacterial, viral and fungal growth while also working together as natural pH modifiers, antioxidants, softeners & emollients.

This produces the correct environment for natural healing mechanisms: the skin curing problems gradually by itself.

With natural pH modifiers, antioxidants, softeners & emollients, JooMo® absorbs impurities (helps acne and blemishes), doesn’t clog pores, is an excellent cleanser & moisturiser, improves skin texture and smoothness, and leaves the skin silky soft and supple.